Saturday, March 6, 2010

Excuse me, but you have Cheerios in your hair ...

Let's face it – as cute as babies are, feeding them can be downright disgusting. Shovel food in their mouth, and it often comes right back out. Sometimes it actually spurts out. Sometimes it spatters your (just-washed) jeans in sweet potatoes.
And babies who are learning to eat finger foods certainly never miss a chance to rub their sticky, slimy, banana hands through their soft (just-washed) wavy locks of hair. The result isn't pretty. Not even to a toddler, apparently.
This morning the boys were having breakfast (mashed potatoes for Bryce, but whatever works, right?), and Brett was munching on Cheerios and diced bananas. I was doing my own thing (making coffee) when I heard Bryce tell Brett matter-of-factly, "Baby, you have Cheerios in your hair." From his tone of voice, I could tell even he didn't approve.

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Brenna Gentry said...

HA! Oh the messy times... remember those weird 'biscuit' things that got all sticky all over the place? So annoying.