Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glove Phobia?

Bryce has a really weird phobia – he is scared to death of gloves! The first time I realized this was a few months ago when Manuel was home cleaning the shower. He put latex gloves on and Bryce FREAKED OUT! He cried so hard that he vomited. (Enough with the vomit already!)
Since then, he also cried like crazy when his cousin Abby donned a pair of lavender princess gloves on our Disney vacation earlier this month. What is up with that?
And last Sunday, we went to a church luncheon and the caterers were wearing ... dun-dun-dun ... latex gloves! Poor Bryce cried so much he almost hyper-ventilated. I had to take him far away from the buffet line and explain that the gloves went bye-bye. Even then it took him awhile to calm down. Latex gloves seem to have the worst affect on him, but gloves in general are not his friend. I don't get it.

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Brenna Gentry said...

Random...how long ago did this start?? My nephew HATES shirts with buttons and he is 4! haha He doesnt cry, but he will refuse to wear one and gets really irritated if someone else does! hahaha