Tuesday, February 16, 2010

m&m's for dinner

The other night, like so many nights, I offered my children reasonably healthy options for dinner – ham and mashed potatoes for Bryce, baby food for Brett. And like so many nights, it went uneaten. (Bryce has isssues with food, and Brett, at 8 months, has decided to spit out everything that goes in his mouth.) I used to stress over uneaten food, but I've learned to just go on and try again later.
Not long after their so-called dinner, Bryce asked for some m&m's. I gave in to his request for "junk food," and little Brett decided he wanted to try them too. Soon we were all seated at the kitchen table, chowing down on m&m's. I felt guilty letting them eat candy for dinner – but only for a moment. Then I just enjoyed it. Sometimes you just need to have m&m's for dinner!


Brenna Gentry said...

AWWWW!!! He looks so different in just 2 1/2 months!! I love it! M&M's.... sounds good to me!

bigritchie said...


I am curious is this the Jessica Mozo who wrote the article in Tennessee Homes and Farms "Bunnies laying eggs"?

Jessica Mozo said...

Yes, the same Jessica Mozo! I take it you are a Farm Bureau member? :)

bigritchie said...

Yes Jessica, actually, I read your article about Easter. You raised some very good questions regarding Easter.

I could explain everything for you if you would like regarding Easter and where it comes from. I think it would utterly blow your mind. I read your article and felt the need to contact you about it, as I felt you were searching and very close to the truth.

Here is a link to my blog where I explain Babylonian sun god worship. Before you read it, please understand that I am a follower of Yahushua of Nazareth. You may know him by his gentile nickname "Jesus".

Get ready to take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole! (You can click on the title of my blog to read my other articles if you so desire)


Jessica Mozo said...

Interesting! I had never heard Jesus called by the name Yahushua.

bigritchie said...

He has the exact same name as "Joshua", the 2nd in Command of Moses.

Jesus is not a accurate translation at all. It actually covers up the true name of the Messiah. Jesus actually has more akin to Yesu, which is a Hebrew slang term for Messiah that means "may his name be blotted out".

They did the same think with the Creator's name. over 7,000 times in most English Bibles they covered up YHWH, which is YaHuWaH in English, with "the LORD". Lord in Hebrew means Baal........Now this might bring to mind Elijah's fight with the prophets who were teaching people the Creator's name was Baal in the Book of Kings.

J does not exist in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. It did not exist in English until a few hundred years ago.

"Joshua" is not a totally accurate translation either.

A direct Hebrew Translation would be Yehoshua with vowel pointers, but without the vowel pointers in Ancient Hebrew is Yahuwshua. Yah or Yahu is the poetic short form of the Creator's name. Yahuwshua, means YaHuWaH is our salvation.

On my blog I actually have a link to a fellow on Youtube who will take you through the Paleo Hebrew and modern Hebrew with the names. It is very interesting stuff.

Now the name may not seem like a big deal, but then you start to wonder.....Why am I taught a false name? Why am I taught he arose on Easter sunday, when Easter is the babylonian sex goddess who changed a bird into a egg laying rabbit? Why was Easter's son Tammuz born on December 25th?

We have inherited ALOT of very pagan things from our ancestors.