Sunday, February 14, 2010

My sly (but sweet) husband

Manuel isn't big on holidays and gift-giving. So what he did yesterday came as a surprise. I told him I would order pupusas for dinner for his Valentine's gift from the Salvadoran restaurant. When he came home from work, I went to pick them up with Bryce and left the baby at home with Manuel. Before I left, he told me he didn't get me anything. I didn't expect him to (well, to be honest, I hoped he would!), and I said that's ok, no biggie.
When Bryce and I came home, pupusas in hand, all the lights in the house were off. I thought it was strange but figured he was trying to get Brett to go to sleep. When we walked in the door, he jumped out to greet us. There was a beautiful bouquet of red roses sitting on the kitchen table with a sweet little card that made me cry!
It made me realize when gifts are unexpected, they're even better!
P.S. The homemade valentine card is from Bryce. He made it in Sunday School! Sweet.

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Brenna Gentry said...

GO MANUEL!!! haha... Good Boy!